We write as Networks of Africans Youths for Development (NAYD) activists, Nigeria Office, to promote peace, cordial relations and the National Sustainable Development among African countries. This has led the part of xenophobic attacks in South Africa and the 21st century slave market at Libya.
We went through the newly elected country focal persons and both Libya and South Africa were fully represented. We guess this avenue might be the platform to put an end to all long overdue hatred for Nigerians in both countries. Part of our duties is to advocate for peace co-existence within African countries. Few months ago, crisis erupted in South Africa and Nigeria youth were the main target of the attack. The question is, why can’t we Africans countries live in harmony?
For how long are we going to make ourselves the architect of our own problems? For how long will the enmity continue? If our fathers failed in their duties, we the youth should not fail. We can make stones to move. African should see their fellow being as human before embarking on a deadly journey. This is a disruptive voyage, it’s totally unacceptable.
Just few months after the xenophobic attack, the Libya slave trade arises. Why will African countries embarked on exchange of human being for money as if they were exchanging goods and services. In other words, human beings turned to commodity. Nigerians were roasted like festive goats; they were being slaughtered like cows at the slaughter houses. Human beings are not created for exchange but to be loved, care and reason together. Some of our future leaders have been killed in the process. If Barrack  Obama have been killed just like the xenophobic attack or Libya slave trade, would he have been the America president that was respected all over the world. Why must we truncate the lives of our youth, why would they chatter the hope of some families when their loved ones went in search of greener pastures? Some families hope, dreams aspirations and future has been wiped off due to some countries negligence. We must create a friendly environment for all our youth across all the countries in Africa. Also, we want other Africa countries that might be nurturing attacks on Nigerians to desist and see us as developmental partners. No country develops in isolation. Peace is all what we sought for. As Nigeria Country Director, we pushed the resolution forward to help our Nigeria brothers and put an end to this deadly and barbaric act.
Thank you.
Long Live Nigeria!
Long Live West Africa!!
Long Live Africa!!!
Kalejaiye, Olasunkanmi
Nigeria Focal Person, NAYD


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