We are Marginalized

Am writing to appreciate united nation for some days selected to celebrate specific days.United Nation currently observe designated days, weeks, years for decades as mark particular events or topics in order to promote her awareness and action. United Nation has over 150 international days, used in celebrating one thing or others.
It is loveable achievement and followed by the whole world. To this effect, I write to challenge the United Nation of marginalizing some important set of people/ sector. Series of United Nation agenda are championed by this set of people. They serve as the foot soldier, they equally till the ground for every agenda to make a better and conducive environment for the so called agenda and also comes in after the programme for sustainability.
They balance both service provider and users, they mentor users and also bridge the gaps between policy makers and the masses. Every other sector were usually been celebrated by the whole world, leaving this particular set of people which have been trained and have acquired enough wealth of experience in discharging their duties.
This set of people are the “Advocates”, as an advocate you are a mediator, making the policy makers and whoever we need to work with sit up and deliver efficiently.
Advocates believes on the number of lives he or she can impact positively as we shall give an account of our actions, knowingly or unknowingly.
I therefore beseech you to add “International Day of Advocates” to your existing international days, we need to be celebrated like Teachers, Medical Doctors and so on.
We want to be recognized not rejected, sidelined, downgraded, relegated or marginalized, we are closer to the masses and they solely rely on us.
Every agenda must have advocacy but not everyone can advocate, and likewise advocacy has its own module that you must be conversant with.
Advocates have been trained locally and internationally and we are ready to give more of our best if celebrated and fully acknowledge by United Nations.
United Nations is of equal opportunities, we deserve some accolades by the international body. Therefore I choose to write you as a colleague, as I am ready to present this at any of your   public hearing or occasions with a comprehensive report to back my actions.
Once again, we are been marginalized, neglected, ridiculed, relegated and overlooked.
We need to be celebrated like our other colleagues.

Kalejaiye Olasunkanmi
Executive Director
Global Promoters for Community Initiatives,
Minna, Niger State.

Bill Gate Foundation


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